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Dice Roller – Roll a Virtual Dice For all Board Games

Dice roller is an online tool that you can use as a dice any number of times. You have to roll this virtual dice roller to get a random outcome just as when you roll real dice. So why wait?! Just tap the screen and let the dice roll!

How Does the Online Dice Roller Work?

Head to the online virtual dice roller. By default, there are six outcomes in the dice numbered 1 to 6. This is a convention 6-face dice. Now, as you tap the screen the virtual dice will roll. When it stops you will get a random outcome. To roll the dice one more, tap the screen. Again, you will get a completely random result.

You can easily customize the virtual dice roller. To do so, below the virtual dice roller you will see an Enter segments box. There the outcomes of the dice roller are listed from 1 to 6.

You can add more faces to the dice by entering them in the box. Each time you enter an outcome, tap enter. Once you have added all the outcomes, tap the green 'add segments' button. Now your online dice are ready to be rolled. In our online dice roller, you can add n number of faces to the dice.

Where to Use Online Dice Roller?

You can use the virtual dice roller for generating random numbers, commonly as part of tabletop games, dice games, board games, role-playing games, and games of chance. This dice roller that we have made should not be used for gambling. This tool is just for fun and for playing board games.

Below is a list of some of the most popular dice roller games.

• Battle Dice

• Diceland

• Dragon Dice

• Dice Masters

• Star Wars: Destiny

• Backgammon

• Balut

• Beetle

• Boggle

• Bunco

• Button Men

• Cee-lo

• Chō-han

• Chaupar

• Chuck-a-luck

• Craps / Seven-Eleven

• Crown and Anchor

• Dayakattai

• Dice 10000 / 5000 / 1000

• Diceball!

• Dice Chess

• Drop Dead

• Dudo

• Duel

• Dungeons & Dragons

• Elder Sign

• Farkle

• Hazard

• Jacquet

• Kismet

• Liar's Dice

• Ludo

• Macao

• Mia

• Midnight

• Owzthat

• Pandemic: The Cure

• Pencil cricket

• Pig

• Pugasaing

• Quarriors!

• Shut the box

• Trictrac

• Sic Bo

• Yacht

• Yahtzee

• Zambales Dice Game

• Zombie Dice

Using Online Dice Roller In Education

You can use dice to develop the mathematical and cognitive skills of your child. One of the ways to do it is by giving the kids colored dice like the one we have on this page. To begin with, ask the kids to roll our virtual dice. Now just ask the kids to find objects that match the color of the face of the die.

By using a numbered dice you can ask the kids to keep rolling the dice until they get a six. If they get it, ask them to add the number that showed up on the dice before they got no. 6. You can ask them to perform different mathematical operations with dice. This will definitely improve their learning skills.


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