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Random Color Picker Wheel – Best Online Tool to Pick Random Colors

We all know that selecting a particular color from a set of different colors can be a very boring and painful task. Whether you want to buy clothes, a bike, a car, a mobile phone or even if you want to paint your home, the dilemma of choosing a particular color always arises.

I mean there will always be contradiction and confusion in selecting a particular color. Sometimes it is best to use a random color picker tool to let go away the confusion.

Now we might just have the perfect online random color picker for you. We have an amazing and very easy to use random color picker wheel.

You will find the tool at the top of the page. Here we will tell you how to use our random color picker wheel. We will also tell how you can customize the tool to select different random colors.

What Is Random Color Picker Wheel?

Random color picker wheel is an online tool developed by Team Wheel Decide to select a random color from a set of different colors.

Either you can select a random color from the given set of colors or you can customize the wheel.

How to Use Random Color Picker Wheel?

Random color picker wheel is not difficult to use. There are a lot of customizations that you can do just by changing the entries in the wheel. Let us see how the tool works.

Step 1: Go to the random color picker wheel tool.

Step 2: You can see our random color picker tool. There are six color options set as default. You can customize the wheel and you can add more color options to choose from randomly.

Step 3: Now if you have any other colors to pick from, you can add them to the wheel. To do this, you will see the “Enter Segments” box just below the wheel. You just have to enter the name of the colors from which a random color will be selected. Input each color and press the “Enter” button on your keyboard.

Step 4: Once you have entered all the colors, just press the green “Add Segments” button. As soon as you press the button, all the color names will be added to the random color picker wheel.

Step 5: Go to the wheel and tap anywhere on the wheel. Now the wheel will start spinning. When the wheel stops, it will come up with a random color name. When the wheel stops and generates a random name, there is an option of “remove”. Use it to remove the selected color so that you do not select the same color randomly again and again.

Where to Use Random Color Picker Wheel?

There are unlimited places where you can use this tool. I mean anything that you shop now a days today comes with color. And the first thing that attracts your eyes is the color. So there are many places where you can use this tool. You just need to use your imagination to add some fun to the boring task of choosing colors.

Let us see a few places where you can use this tool.

1. When Buying Gadgets

Today every gadget such as mobiles, laptops, headphones, USB cables, and other items come in a variety of dynamic colors. I mean sometimes people reject a particular gadget just because of its color.

Also, these gadgets come in many colors, so picking one can be confusing. You just need to input the colors available into our wheel. Now just spin the wheel to get a random color.

2. Coloring Your Hair

If you love experimenting with your hair color, then our random color picker wheel can help you. There are many color combinations of hair color that you want to try.

But it might get confusing if you want to try a random hair color. Just use our color picker tool to get random color for your hair.

3. Buying Clothes and Apparels

One place where our color picker wheel can come in handy is while shopping for clothes and apparel. There are tons of options available for a shirt, jeans, top, or wallet.

If you are looking to mix and match colors, you can use our random color picker wheel to generate random color choices.

4. House Décor

Selecting a particular color combination for your home décor is a very confusing process. There are chairs, tables, walls, curtains, and many other things in your house.

If you are looking to experiment, you can use our color picker wheel to get random color choices to decorate your home.

5. Buying Your New Bike Or Car

It is not easy to select a bike or car of a particular color. You often get confused between two tones of colors to buy from.

Just use our color spinner tool to get a random color option.


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