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Random Team Generator – Generate Random Teams and Groups

Sometimes you get stuck in a tricky situation while making a team. It becomes very difficult to select a team randomly from a group of family or friends. However, things could become interesting if you had a tool that could help you to generate groups and teams randomly.

Now, you are in luck because we do have a team picker wheel that works as an amazing Random Team Generator and random group generator.

Here we have the random team generator tool on the page. We will guide you on how you can use this tool in your own ways to create a randomized team from a group of people.

So let us begin!!

What Is Random Team Generator Wheel?

Random Team Generator Wheel is an online tool developed by Team Wheel Decide to create and generate random teams and groups.

This random spinner tool can be used as a random team generator, random group generator, random partner generator, random choice generator, random selector, and more.

It all depends on your imagination and creativity how you can use this random selector wheel in your team selection.

How to Use Random Team Generator Wheel

Random letter generator wheel is a very simple team selector tool that anyone can use. It all depends on you how you want to use this randomizer wheel. Let us have a look in general at how you can use the tool.

Step 1: Go to our random team generator wheel page.

Step 2: There you will see our spinner wheel. In the wheel, there are 6 entries that gave been added randomly. You can edit and customize the wheel as per your need.

Step 3: Now get ready with the names of the players, family members, or friends that you want to select from to generate your random team or group.

Step 4: You will see the “Enter Segments” box just below the wheel. You just have to enter the names from which you are willing to create your team. Input each name and press the “Enter” button on your keyboard.

Step 5: Once you have entered all the names, just press the green “Add Segments” button. As soon as you press the button, all the names will be added to the random team generator wheel.

Step 6: Go to the wheel and tap anywhere on the wheel. Now the wheel will start spinning. When the wheel stops, it will come up with a random name. If you are forming two teams, you can add the name that pops up to the first team.

When the wheel stops and generates a random name, there is an option of remove. Use it to remove the selected name to avoid confusion.

Step 7: Again, spin the wheel. This time a new name will come up when the wheel stops. Add this name to the other team. Thus, you can spin the wheel simultaneously to add the names to the respective teams.

Where to Use Random Team Generator Wheel?

There are many places where you can use this team generator tool. You can use the team generator tool in sports, education, offices, video games, and for all the fun events that you are organizing in your home.

Let us have a look in detail at where you can use this team generator tool.

1. School

A school is a place where a lot of team-building exercise goes on. There are debates, sports activities, cultural activities, different types of competition, and quizzes. Also, when the regular classes are going on, it is always a good idea to split students into random groups and teams to create a learning environment.

Now it becomes a hectic task to distribute students into groups. Children being children, love to be on the team with their friends. To help with this dilemma, you can use our random team generator or random group generator tool to form different groups among the kids.

2. Games And Sports

Every time you are playing any indoor or outdoor game, the first thing that you need to take care of is forming the team. Now if you do it on your own, you might be blamed for forming an uneven team that might add undue advantage to one of the teams.

To use up the process of team selection, you can use our random team generator wheel to select a completely randomized team from a pack of players.

3. E-Sports

E-sport is a gaming industry that has been evolving at quite a rapid rate. If you are in college or even at home, you might need to create groups and teams randomly to organize an e-sport gaming competition.

To split the games evenly into two teams, use our random team generator tool to create completely randomized teams.

4. Fun Activities at Home and Office

When you get bored at your home there are many fun activities and many board games that you can play. However, you need to create random groups to maximize the fun.

Just use our team generator wheel to select random groups from your family members, friends, or colleagues.

If you are going to a social event and you are not able to decide your partners, our tool can come in handy.

You can use our tool as a random partner generator to add some fun to your social gatherings.


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