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Win Or Lose Wheel

Winning and losing is part of all the games. However, what if you could add some surprise and fun to it. This is why we have come up with the win or lose wheel. Using win or lose wheel you can decide whether you won or lose.

For example, if there is confusion in a game and you are not able to decide who won or lost, just spin this wheel. The wheel will come up with a looser or winner. This way you can let go all the confusion and can settle on a winner.

Let us see how you can use the Win or Lose Wheel.

Wheel Decide

How to Use Win Or Lose Wheel?

Win Or Lose wheel is an easy-to-use spinner wheel. Let us see how the tool works.

Step 1: Go to the Win or Lose wheel tool.

Step 2: You can see our Win Or Lose tool. There are three options set as default. The first option is win, second option is lose and third option is try again. You can customize the wheel and you can add more options to choose from.

Step 3: If you want to add any other option in the wheel, it is very easy to do so. Just below the wheel you will see “Enter Segments” box. Click on that.

Now add your options and after adding each option tap the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard.

Step 4: Go to the wheel and tap anywhere on the wheel. Now the wheel will start spinning. When the wheel stops, it will come up with either win, lose,or try again option.


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